Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yarn Along

More snow - the second snow of the season. Cold, cold temps - 18 F one night. Our first fires in the fireplace. Molasses cookies in the cookie jar. Chai tea. Hot cocoa. Snow angels even if there is not enough snow. Discovering a new type of snow angel little John calls "Rolly Pollies." Knitting booties. Savoring the babyhood and cuddles.

Ah, life is moving slowly and yet fast. All of the cold weather and bit of snow really is getting me in the crafting/Christmas mood. I've been writing in my Christmas idea book almost daily (must show you that soon). But knowing I'll only get half  of it done.

I've begun to check out Christmas books from the library. Starting with some cozy Christmas mystery novels. I just finished: A Rumpole Christmas and fell in love with John Mortimer's style of writing! I downloaded the audiobook and finished it too quickly so I requested the hard copy because there are some quotes and descriptions I'd like to linger over.

Arthur's little toes were getting so cold in just plain socks when I realized I hadn't made any booties for him. A quick version of booties was knit up. I'm working on a second bigger pair and realizing that I really should write up various sizes and post them for you all here. Would be so helpful, wouldn't it!

I love the excuse of nesting and savoring a new baby gives you! I'm enjoying it while I can!

Hope you all are doing well and staying warm!

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Alisa said...

beautiful photos.....especially that precious baby!!