Thursday, December 26, 2013

My family KAL

Hello Friends! And Happy Boxing Day to you! It's been a lazy one here. A little clean up, a little munching on leftovers, a little knitting, a little napping. John is down with nasty cold - one which we're praying little Arthur doesn't catch. 

Now that presents have been give out I can share a fun little thing I put together for my sisters, my mom and my niece. We decided to have a very simple Christmas this year - no big presents, just stocking stuffers - so that we could spend our time on making Christmas special. 

So I bought funny socks to stuff into everyone's stockings. However, a few weeks before Christmas I saw Susan B. Anderson's blog post about her Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl designed by the Knitting Pipeline. 

OOoooo, I had so much fun! I listen to The Knitting Pipleline podcast on the shawl, I drooled over susan's lovely shawl, and then I went down in my basement and got out every last little bit of yarn I had in my "scrap yarn draw." Wow! I didn't realize how much I had! And oh, how I wish I had taken a picture of it all spread out on the floor! Little balls strewn all over the basement floor. John had a fun time kicking them around until I told him that "mama's project was strictly off limits for the time being." 

 My first ball of yarn was such a delightful mish-mash of my favorite yarns. Bits of handspun were thrown in with soft cashmere and Noro. It brought back so many memories. I found myself saying things like, "Hey, were's that sweater these days?" or "where did that shawl get to" or "remember when that yarn came into the shop." It was a trip down memory lane.

This ball went to my mother because all the jumble of colors reminded me of her free and creative spirit.

When I finished this ball I realized I had barely made a dent in the scrap heap so I foraged a little further.

Soon I had a blue and brown ball put together. Again, full of handspun, cashmere, angora, hand dyed yarn that I had made myself and odds and ends of commercial yarn. This cake reminded me of winter wonderland so I decided to give it to my sister Heather because she always looks good in blues.

Then I looked at the scrap heap again and saw prominent greens and pinks and browns. Oooo so lovely! It was so rewarding using up all the lovely bits of lovely yarn that I had kept "for some rainy day project."

Then I realized I had the perfect edging yarns to go with each cake - just take a look at those lovely mohair skeins! Don't they match each cake so perfectly?

What do you think I made for myself? Well, I looked at my scrap heap once again and saw .....


Black and grey and red! Oooooo and it is so lovely!

We all cast on today (with the exception of my sister Emily- poor dear! She works in the medical profession and so has to work today. But hip-hip-hooray for all of our wonderful medical community staff who work on holidays to take care of us! You guys are awesome!) and have been having so much fun together knitting away on them.

Here's the details again:

Knitting Pipeline
Susan B. Anderson's shawl

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Stephanie said...

What a great idea! And a lovely way to use all those leftovers. I think you made 4 great color combinations, each with its own personality, to suit the recipient. Did you join all the yarns together before making the cake? Are all the yarns close in weight? I hope you share the FOs!