Thursday, December 19, 2013

The hustle and bustle...

Hello Dear friends!

Thank you for all your lovely comments! I wish I could sit right down with each of you and have a jolly good chat!

The hustle and bustle of Christmas has descended. John gives me the update every morning - the count down to Christmas Eve. Goodness me! I almost wish I hadn't taught him to count and tell time! He's about to begin the hourly count down! Ha! You've just got to laugh.

Just as soon as I fill the cookie tins, they are empty again! Even before they are in the tin they are beginning nabbed by little hands (do you see the shadow of little hands off to the left in the picture). But your heart does give a little cheer when you hear John say, "Boy, these are the best cookies in the whole world. I just have to have another."

The fruitcake is made. I know, I know. Everyone has such jokes about fruitcake. But it is dearly loved in our family beginning with the tradition of the seasonal fruitcake arriving in the mail from Uncle Roy on Long Island (via Collin Street Bakery). Now I make a gluten free version and stick it in a Collin Street fruit cake tin for memory sake.

There is a long list of cooking and baking, of people to visit, and birthday parties. I'm always so thankful to make it to the end of the day, light the candle, sit down and eat dinner, put the babes to bed, and crawl into bed. (Yes, I may be rapidly trying to finish gifts in my PJs in bed, but I'm in bed nonetheless!)

Today, just when I was feeling a little discouraged about the mountain to accomplish and Arthur was crying terribly as we stood in the check-out line, 6 people stepped aside and said I should check out before them and one kind mother of 4 who had already checked out stayed behind to rock Arthur's car seat while I paid. I was floored by such kindness by 7 total strangers! I'm going to carry that kindness around with me in my heart today to encourage me and pull me through - I know it was a little gift from my Heavenly Father!

Well, I have to fly! But Hopefully I'll be back to online land one more time before Christmas Eve!


Reneelynn said...

Your doing very well with 2 little ones. I feel so bad when I see tired little ones in the stores and have often thought how nice to have a baby sitting once a week in the month of Dec. so that little ones wouldn't have to be dragged along and mom's could get twice the amount of things done in a few hours. Just know in this day and age the government would be in the way of such an idea with it's rules and regulations. But I think about it anyway......Glad to see your squeezing in a little knitting to calm the mind.....enjoy this wonderful season through the eyes of your child!

Stephanie said...

Aww. Yay for the kindness of humanity.