Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Stills

hello friends!

I hope you all had  a lovely Thanksgiving week. Arthur and I mananged to get quite sick and ended up in the Urgent Care Center on Thanksgiving night for Arthur. It made me so grateful for all those wonderful healthcare providers who work holidays so that we can keep our little ones safe. 

Now we are on the slow road to recovery. TOOO Slow for me. I always want to be better right now. Isn't that how it goes? We have to be in hibernation mode while Arthur is on steroids so I'm taking that opportunity to take down fall and put up Christmas. On one hand it feels so nice to hibernate. But on the other hand I feel a bit of the holiday frantic spirit biting at my heels saying, "hurry'  hurry." Ugh! Anyone have any advice on keeping the holiday frantic spirit at bay?

I hope you all had a lovely holiday. How did you fare?


Reneelynn said...

Turn on some Christmas music....Make lists...Par down the list ;)
Take help when you can get it.
Slow down with the little ones...they don't need a lot it's the "me" time they love.... when their so little it's the book reading they'll remember not weather you made all the Christmas cookies.
Use naptime wisely!! Keep yourself well. ( and like I say every year start earlier next year....... ) ;)

One Acre Follies said...

I hope everyone is well now! It's so scary to see those little ones very sick. Love your pics, as usual!