Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Catching up

Hello Friends!

So sorry for the long absence. It has been busy around here. Wedding flowers, a dear friend's wedding, my birthday, celebrations and a few lazy days and then I fell very sick with a triple infection! Nose, ear and chest infection. Can you imagine. Absolutely ridiculous! But I suppose your body does strange things when you're pregnant. Thanks to some mild antibiotics I'm on the mend.

I don't think I've told you all yet, but we're expecting another little boy! Hooray for boys! John is perplexed. He really thought he would have a sister (his cousin who is younger than him is a girl so perhaps this influenced his thinking). I'm relaxing a bit - after all we've done this before - nothing new to learn. (Perhaps) =)

So - onward, forward with wonderful little knits for boys!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Settling in for Spring

Hello friends! How are you? From the patterns sales this week I see a lot of you are really into some spring sweater knitting and some spring shawl knitting! What fun! Honestly, I have the bug to knit another Woodland Spring Shawl too... hmm... I think I might have to cast one on soon too.

John and I have really, really been enjoying spring. We've been mulching our yard and admiring the plants coming up. The rose bushes have gone to town... it won't be long before they are blooming. I'm trying not to remember that they were blooming for my birthday (tomorrow) last year. That's ok. I'll look forward to their arrival! =)  We cleaned out the sun room and took the geraniums out of their winter storage. They have gone to town and are thoroughly enjoying being back in their sunny summer home.

What I do have is a basement full of David Austen Roses! I'm doing flowers for my best friend's wedding tomorrow. The flowers were picked up today and are resting in their preservative solution until we go to town on them tomorrow! So there, I have my birthday roses - just in a different way! =)

I never showed you the Noro shawl I finished, did I? I always like having a very simple shawl on my needles and often save them in a drawer to give away to someone who I feel needs an extra special hug or reminder that they are loved and prayed for. This shawl will go into that drawer and be gifted to someone. I need to cast on another simple shawl... hmm... so far that's two shawls I need to cast on! =)

What are you all up to? Any special spring time knitting?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Along

The first of the spring yarn alongs! Oh, itsn't it wonderful to finally have spring on our doorstep (I hope if it isn't on your doorstep, it arrives soon!) We had our first dinner outside last night! Ooooo it was wonderful!

In between sample/test knits for a yarn company, I've been working on my Mondo Cable cardi. Slow, I know, but I am really enjoying the color (Fragrant by Madelinetosh)

Today I got my knitting out but I didn't knit very much. My headache was too severe but I lay it in front of me and sipped my tea and played, "Car fix-it shop" with John. Slow days. Trying to cut myself some slack as I start down the road of being a mama to two now.

I don't have a good book I'm reading... hoping to find some suggestions today during the yarn along.

What are you knitting? Have any of you had 2nd Trimester Headaches? Do they go away eventually?

Joining with Ginny

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring ... at last!

Has Spring arrived for you? This weekend it finally arrived for us and it made us heady with delight! John and I spent most of the day outside today - something we have been longing to do for weeks now. Lunch among the evergreens playing pooh and piglet, trike rides, out door car roads made of masking tape on our back deck (big enough for John to ride his trike on) and afternoon tea on the back deck were all part of our day.

My second trimester headaches have worsen. I've taken building a raise bed garden off my list of spring things to do. Maybe next year. John asks why I don't feel like playing soccer - poor guy! I would, if running didn't bounce my head around. I keep praying for them to go away while silently reminding myself that how thankful I am to be having a second little one - a sibling for John.

On the knitting front I have been working away at some spinning - yes, I have the spring spinning fever. And ... I've been knitting a replica of the Call the Midwives sweater that all the midwives wear on that show! I'll have to show you soon. It's too cute!

off for a rest - I'll be back soon with some knitting!

Monday, April 1, 2013


One of the things I love about holidays is the chance to gather those you love in one place and for a few hours talk and laugh and dream together. It always goes by too fast. Big sigh. But thank goodness God created memories! We'll be savoring memories of Easter for a long time to come.

John asked this morning, "When can we have Easter again?" He was sad when the cousins had to leave. It reminded me of fun times with my cousins in Vermont when I was little. Oh, thank goodness for cousins!

Did you see the lovely tea cozy Heather made me? She gave me one of her darling daffodil tea cozies! Isn't it GORGEOUS! And did you spot my finished vintage fluted tea cozy! Yes, I put it together just in time!

This week I have to sort out the flower order for a friend's up coming wedding... fun times ahead!

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday however you decided to spend it!