Monday, January 13, 2014


Hello Friends! So sorry about my disappearance in this little space. As we headed into the first week of January I had to get ready for a little holiday we were going on and there just wasn't a spare moment to have a little sit down. Things were made even harder by the fact that my computer broke! oooo... I didn't realize what a luxury it was to have my very own computer. I dug into my very own small savings account and purchased a Chromebook. We'll see how I like it. At this point it works just perfectly for my little online life. But, the verdict is still out.

So... as I prepared the family to take a holiday (i.e. menu lists, food shopping, clothes packing, activity prep) Indy prepared for the biggest snow storm of the season. I went food shopping for our trip on Thursday - 2.5 days before the snow storm was due and EVERYONE was out shopping. What normally would take me 2 hours to do took me 5 hours. Most of that was traffic (there never is traffic on my shopping route) and standing in lines. I was shocked.

Saturday morning we drove the 2.5 hour route down to French Lick, IN - a historic place in Indiana known for it's hot spring baths. I had never been and it was quite a feast for the eyes.

After our arrival and the great unpack we settled in to watch the storm come in!

It didn't come! Well, a little rain and freezing rain and then a little bit of snow. We totally missed the 13 inches being dumped upon Indianapolis. I didn't know whether I should be happy or sad! Ha! (Sorry, I think I'm beginning a love affair with winter... there is something so magical about it.)

What did come was the cold. Below freezing temperatures that froze the inside of your nose if you were out for more than a few moments. So we hunkered down, stoked up the fireplace and settled in for two days of playing and creating indoors.

How did you all spend the storm?

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