Friday, January 24, 2014


A new quilt for Arthur from his Auntie Em

My January hutch

A gifted "snowdrift" from a friend - crochet snowflakes

The blanketed evergreens on the back path

dear, sweet, Arthur - 4 months now

morning tea with another mama and our babies

this is my Midwinter - and I'm enjoying it. I'm hanging up snowflakes inside, enjoying all my blue willow, making pots of tea, and knitting away (when I can). I'm hunting down my handknit socks and casting on more. I'm digging out my heaviest sweaters and dreaming of casting on more. I'm pulling out my fiber from the cupboard and spinning up a bit. I'm embracing midwinter because, well, it's what is here. The moment I have. Spring will come - but that's tomorrow. Right now it is the magic of midwinter.


Heather L. said...

Your hutch looks so pretty!!! and I LOVE the quilt from Em

One Acre Follies said...

I really need to think of something different to say besides "Lovely", but it's the first word that comes to mind!