Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Vacation - Creating

There is one more thing from our winter vacation that I want to share and that is the little project that my mom and I took along with us.

Can you believe the absolute crazy mess on the table? I know! Do you spot the cups of tea and dish of cookies? It's almost like a "Where is Waldo" drawing.

One of the things we love to do is make art notebooks to keep our daily musings or things we have to do in. It helps keep us organized in a beautiful way. We made ones for December and decided to make our January/February books while we were on vacation. All you need is a stack of magazines in the month you are wanting to make the book for, glue sticks or rubber cement, sissors, a dollar store exercise book and cups of tea.

Next you flip through the magazines and cut out anything and everything that makes your heart sing. Literally it can be anything in the magazine. Words, sayings, bouquets of flowers, sweaters, recipes, etc.

My mom started the tradition of covering the front of the book and I followed suite - it makes it all the more decorative and eye catching.

Then you paste the pictures you cut out into the book - usually one or two to a page with enough space to write in.

I write ....

...or draw out my ideas on the pages and slowly the book because full - memories of things that passed through my mind as ideas. Some of them blossoming into a creation. Some of them staying on the pages.

Anyways, I thought you all might enjoying making your own. They are so easy to make and sooooo much fun to create. Mom and I spent several afternoons on ours and still they are not full. I intend to cut out more things and paste them in as the month progresses.

happy creating!


One Acre Follies said...

Oh I just love this!! The only problem is, I'm not sure I can cut up my magazines. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of your clipping journals but months later, how do you remember where ideas, recipes, etc. are? Don't you keep your recipes all together somewhere so you can find them easier?