Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Vacation - hiking

One of the things I love about winter is hiking - yes! I'm crazy! But I love winter hikes. We actually took a brief walk on the coldest day - the -11 day. But that I do not recommend! It was dangerously cold.

The longer hike we took was on a day it was 33F - not to bad for winter. I do recognize that most places get much colder than this for winter and so winter hiking is not feasible. But I do love that it is feasible here.

We packed up a lunch, hot cocoa and trail mix and hit the trail. I really enjoyed the difference in foliage even though it wasn't that far south of Indy. I saw holly bushes growing wild, ferns, and moss and far more evergreens and pine trees. Things you don't see so much in the woods surrounding Indianapolis. Another thing I love about winter hikes is the stillness, the silence of the woods. Everything is in a peaceful slumber and that peace tends to soak into my soul as I walk.

And of course we had the delight of a hot dinner and a warm fire and some knitting when we returned back to the condo. 

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Reneelynn said...

We have a woods on our property but here in MI we have about 2 feet of snow on the ground and you can not walk back there right now...it is just too hard to do!!! I do agree though the walks in winter are so soft and peaceful!! Snowing here again this morning and very windy.
Another good day for a fire and some knitting. Your shawl looks like it is coming along.......