Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yarn Along and Catch Up

Ahhh.... January. I'm beginning to look for the things I enjoy about winter rather than look for every sign of spring I can find. In the car on the way to Preschool this morning John and I went over the things we really loved about winter. I said, "Winter walks and the quiet peace of the woods. Being able to see the beauty of the naked trees. Nature at rest. Being able to sit in front of the fire and knit. Wearing wool sweaters. Curling up under a down duvet." Then he broke in, "But here's something that I love that you forgot. Going out and walking in the snow and then coming in for hot chocolate!" Ooooo, I love that boy! He's just the greatest! Yes! Isn't that a wonderful part about winter.

I really enjoyed this post about enjoying winter too!

I looked out my door yesterday morning and saw such pretty colors - browns, whites, blues, and greens. And then a few hours later I noticed the same palette in yarn on the KnitPicks website. Ooooo what I would give to be able to buy that sampler and make the whole thing into a shawl! Wouldn't that be fun!

Having a little baby in the house means that handknits are being made and being grown out of rather quickly. I know - I should just use some of the ones I knit for John. But for some reason I want Arthur to have his own stash of knits. I just finished this dark blue sweater out of Berroco Vintage. No, there isn't a pattern - it's one of my own unpublished designs, designed specifically for Arthur. I wanted something that buttoned on the side but had a deep v-neck because... well, he has no neck. His delightful little fat rolls don't allow him a neck. Oooo, isn't it lovely having a chubby baby! No worries about his growth and health!

And of course, since it is midwinter and his mama likes to take a lot of winter walks the poor babe needed some mittens. Again, no pattern to share! Sorry!

I've complied a video of other things I have been working on. It seemed faster and I've really enjoyed Susan B Anderson's little catch up videos. I feel really stupid doing them - that's the one down side! Hope you enjoy, though! FYI: The title of the book appeared backwards to me when I made the video - but of course when the video is played it looks normal. A silly technical glitch that caught me off guard.

Under 100 Knit Collection Book
Right now the book is 40% off and only $14.99! What a steal!

Pixie Purses Pattern

Magic Cake Shawl Pattern
My own notes about the magic cake shawl

Joining with Ginny and her lovely Yarn Along


Luisa said...

Love the sweater with matching mittens so cute on the the little one.

momto5 said...

oh my goodness, what a cutie! love the sweater, looks wonderful on your little guy.

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

That blue sweater is adorable! We have the same bouncy seat--it was the only thing my daughter would sleep in for about six months. (It was seriously worth it's weight in gold!) :-)

Donna said...

Your magic cake ruffle shawl is beautiful. I love how big it came out. It looks so warm. I am hoping mine will come out that big but I doubt it since I am using sock weight yarn. I will definitely be making another one of those.

Sarah said...

What adorable knits and you designed them yourself... I am thoroughly impressed. I had my third girl last spring and she wears a lot of hand me down knits but several "just for her" knits too- can never have tooany hand knits!

Gillian said...

Thank you for linking to my post, how kind of you. I think your John has the right idea, coming back for hot chocolate after a snowy walk is one of the best things ever. I love the shades of yarn you chose, full of the muted, beautiful colours of winter. x

KCMama said...

My first time to your blog. Clicked over from your sister's blog. I enjoyed your video post. :-) Wanted to comment to tell you how much I liked the shawl you made. On my monitor it looked red, white, blue. I loved it! Also thought your little stitch marker purses were adorable. I am thinking that I may request that book for Mother's Day. Thanks for the heads up on it.