Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yarn Along

Hello Friends! 
It's Wednesday and time to see/hear what you all have been reading and knitting! I just finished off a warm hat for myself. I found a simple color pattern that I liked, made a gauge, measured my head and then multiplied my gauge by my head measurement, fudged the numbers to fit the color pattern I liked, and voila! I had a hat.

I used KnitPicks Palette yarn. Love the stuff. It's good work horse yarn that won't let you down. It's hard to find a yarn shop that stocks a bunch of fingering weight yarn that is good for colorwork, so KnitPicks has become my go-to place for colorwork yarn.

I snuck in a bit of red inside the brim to give it a bit of fun on the underside. Don't you just love doing things like that? A bit of color where you least expect it. I haven't blocked it. But I have a feeling I will be wearing it before it makes it to the blocking board. It's just that cold outside and it's just too exciting to have a new hat to wear.

I just finished up Adventures in Yarn Farming.... oooo, I love it! It's one of those books I'm going to have to buy now. It's that worthy! Although it has cured me a bit of wanting my own sheep. Sounds like tough, but rewarding work.

I've started into Bread and Wine and have already benefited from it immensely! But I'll have to go into that in another post.

So what have you been working on?

Stay warm!

Joining with Ginny


One Acre Follies said...

As usual, it looks lovely. I have the bread and wine book on my "to read" list. Glad to hear that you like it. Stay warm in your new hat!

Judy Tucker said...

I so enjoy looking at your blogs - especially with pics of your family - new baby, mother, etc. and all the wonderful things you knit and do. Fantastic.....need to get on here more often....

A Little Blue Dragonfly said...

I love this! And that little bit of red is perfect. :)

Karen said...

jumped over from Ginny's
I love the hat! the pop of red just makes the whole thing that much better - although the colorwork is impressive!

Donna said...

Your hat came out lovely. I just started that book and am enjoying it. I had a dream of having sheep too but I think this book definitely snapped me back into reality.

MarmePurl said...

Perfect Hat. Perfect reads. ( I have both).
Enjoy them all.

Stephanie said...

A secret pop of color is super fun. I haven't done that with my knitting, but I like it in coats.

About two weeks ago I finished a cowl for myself out of Malabrigo Finito and it is wonderfully soft to wear in this freezing weather. I'm participating in Ysolda's mystery KAL and that's been fun so far, although I wish I had the time to knit two shawls so that I could try out each clue every week.

steph said...

palette is one of my favorite yarns, too….the color choice!!!! whooppeeee!!!! (even though I almost always buy black, or grey!!!)

Cathie J said...

Great hat. I love the hidden red.