Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yarn Along

These indoor days seem full right now. Feeding, feeding, feeding... and laundry. Isn't it funny how different seasons of your life are dominated by different things.

I remember the working season of my life where these winter days were marked by long walks across the city where I would walk in my high heeled boots through the slush and snow, dragging my court reporting machine in my suitcase behind me from deposition to deposition. The things that dominated my life then were my boots, the doorman at the Canterbury hotel to whom I always gave a cheerful nod and smile and received one in return, my faux fur coat which kept me warm and blissfully cozy on those wind swept streets, and my morning Starbucks at the same Starbucks, surrounded by the same people day after day.

Then I remember the knitshop season of my life when I worked in my Local Yarn Shop. Those winter days were marked  by opening the shop in the gray morning light. Making freshly baked scones in the back kitchen, putting the coffee on to brew and opening up new shipments of beautiful yarns from around the world. Yarn and people dominated my days then. People who needed help with their knitting or finding the perfect new project.

This season of my life is dominated by little people growing and learning and changing. It is dominated by smiles and tears. It swings in grand pendulums of happiness and frustration. One day ready to tear my hair out because I've gotten no sleep and my four year old is being defiant. The next day receiving glowing reports from his preschool teacher at our parent/teacher conference on how well he is doing, how far ahead of other children he is etc. I sit and smile and think of the day before and realize it all works out somehow. The days don't have to run smoothly they just have to be filled with love and acceptance.

And so... recognizing this season of my life is one of "little" I'm fully enjoying knitting for the littlest. At least right now he can't tell me he doesn't like it or he's too hot to wear it. So Arthur has a new little vest.
The pattern is Owlet by Kate Davies. The yarn is angora from a thrifted sweater that I ripped out, plied on my spinning wheel and then dyed - yes, that was all done before I had children. I would not have the time to do that now. It is not the season.


Donna said...

That sweater is just adorable. I am ripping some thrift store sweaters apart now and getting them ready to dye. Life really is a series of seasons isn't it?

nicole spring said...

Oh my, what a cutie you have!! I love the short sleeved version of the Owlet. So cozy!

Anonymous said...

Love this little glimpse into your past and present. A court reporter must have been a very interesting job! Your baby is a doll!

Dayna said...

Love the idea of life as seasons. : ) Adorable Owlet and adorable little one, too!

katie metzroth said...

sweater and baby both super cute! I'm planning on starting an owl sweater for me soon. my first adult sized sweater. Baby sweaters are faster and cuter.