Sunday, March 9, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

I think spring is finally on the move. Perhaps not "arrived" so to speak, but on the move. Ahh.... I am breathing a sigh of relief.

It was a long beautiful winter. A perfect winter for snuggling indoors and enjoying lots of crafts and new babies. But my darling bouncy 4 year old has struggled with it.

The last few days have been warm enough for us to venture outside. Oh, did he enjoy those walks and bike rides. He begun to say he is allergic to winter! Ha! What a kid!

I changed over the hutch and the mantle finally for spring. I didn't want to touch it too early because I had a feeling winter was going to linger this year. Sometimes when I change things over too early I become so disappointed because the weather doesn't follow suit! Ha! I know, silly me. This time I began to think I may be jinxing things! Yes, I know, really silly thinking that I don't actually believe. But you, know.

We all had colds this week - I especially succumbed to it. I think the lack of sleep really does a number on me. Little Arthur just is such an eater - he just can't make it through the night without another full course! Silly little man. But.. hopefully I'll be able to do a catch up post - I have missed this little space!

Keep well, friends and keep your eye out for Spring!

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