Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Podcast Episode 2: Spinning

While I don't consider myself to be a "real" podcaster, it is a lovely way to catch up with you all. In this episode I catch you up on all the spinning I've been doing lately. Arthur joins me in this episode as a co-host so you'll get to enjoy some big baby grins!

"Show" notes:

1) Kromski Mazurka Spinning Wheel

2) German wool top (sorry no link. my SIL picked this lovely stuff up at a market in Germany)

3) Indiana fiber fairs - Greencastle: The Fiber Event and Hoosier Hills Fiber Fair

4) Breezy Manor Fiber Farm, Mad Hatter Roving. Can be found at either of Indiana's fiber fairs or at Nomad Yarn Shop

5) Spin Monkey semi smooth rolags

6) How to spin thick and thin or lumpy bumpy yarn

7) Blending Boards (what they are if you are curious)

8) How to make your own rolags with a dowel


Laura said...

Well.... this was the best Podcast I have ever seen!!... learned so much about this spinning world...and loved little Arthur's head bobbing around... You just have to do more.. you are a great communicator!!! and delightful to listen to... keep up the good work Christina!! Can't wait to see those yarns knitted into something!! beautiful!

Christina Wall said...

Mom.... only you would say that! =) You're the best! =)