Monday, March 3, 2014

Roving Indiana: The Wool Trail

Hi Knitters!

Last Saturday I packed up Arthur and all his equipment and headed out with my sister and our dear friend on Indiana's Wool Trail. Eight different shops in South-Central Indiana held a first-ever Yarn Crawl between February 21 through March 2.

We only had one Saturday to devote to the crawl and a baby in tow so we knew we weren't going to be able to make it to all 8 shops. But we thought we would have fun making it to some.

Earlier in January I headed out and picked up our passports to I was sure to get some before they sold out.

Aren't they cute!

Our first stop was Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood, Indiana.

It was a bright store with lots of sunlight - perfect for looking at yarns. They had a lot of fingering weight yarn in beautiful colors by a local yarn dyers. They also had special hand creams for knitters. A selection of rug hooking supplies and a very small corner for spinning supplies.

We all agreed we would love to make it back for a "make it and take it" rug hooking class! At $10 it cannot be beat!

Back in the car....

 We headed to Sheep Street - a beautiful large shop set on a  sheep farm. Of course pictures of sheep couldn't be resisted.

Sheep Street is one of the 'old school' yarn shops that carries EVERYTHING and has sweater quantities of all the good yarns as well as large selections of baby yarns and sock yarn. Very few shops these days carry this large of a selection so it was fun to walk around in.

Heather found a huge selection of Cotton Classic - something she was on the hunt for.

I was shown the delights of the new blending board (for making really cool rolags for spinning). Yes, I was drooling over it! What fun it would be to play with. Instead I bought two batts for spinning - at $5 a piece the price was just too good to be true. I recently paid $20 for a spinning batt that was simliar.

Back in the car.... we headed to In a Yarn Basket in Bloomington, Indiana

We decided that this shop was definitely geared to college students and professors. There were bright neon acrylic blends and expensive mohair angoras - quite a mix. But no sweater quantities. Think small, quick projects. 

We were really hungry by this time and went over to a restaurant that came highly recommended, Feast! Wow! What an experience. It was totally worth the 30 minute wait to be seated. The menu was filled with farm fresh locally grown items. For instance I had a burger made with local beef, topped with roasted tomatoes, pickled zucchini, and a yummy cheese with a apple butter barbecue dipping sauce. The fries were coated with sea salt and rosemary! It was divine! Why don't we have a Feast in Indianapolis? 

It was 3 o'clock by now. We were definately tiring. We had to cut out the Columbus shop because it closed at 3 pm. So we moved on to the Nashville yarn shop - The Clay Purl

The Clay Purl was tiny but totally adorable. We all settled on that shop as our favorite of the trip. It was charming and filled with select beautiful things. A bit of hand dyed yarn, a bit of novelty yarn - really interesting hand spun thick and thins tied with fluff or felted flowers. 

Totally satiated in yarny goodness we grabbed a cup of coffee to perk us up (well, decaf for me) and headed back out on the road for home. A hot meal, a large pot of tea, and a good Miss Marple accompanied by some knitting called my name... 


Heather L. said...

yay!!! such a great trip! Thanks for organizing it!!! Also fun to see myself in a few pictures for once!!!! ha ha ha! the sheep one is too funny!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a wonderful day! And nice to see that someone else uses those Clinque bags to store knitting projects. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What an eclectic mix of shops, how fun!