Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yarn Along

 It's been one of "those" weeks. I can't believe a week has flown by already. Here we are at Wednesday sharing our progress. Right now everything is slipping by in a foggy, sleepless blur called "babyhood." All of you mothers out there know what I mean. It's just survival mode right now. But that's ok. For my little men are growing strong and I know that this stage shall pass someday.

 Because it was one of "those" weeks I really needed some relaxing knitting. I find lace knitting very rhythmic and relaxing. Not lace that I have to follow by a chart, but lace that I can easily memorize. I knit the neckerchief above for a friend using a lace pattern that I have memorized and found myself so calmed by it... I cast on for another one for myself.

I made a little bow-tie for her son to match --- rather sweet isn't it?

And little booties for her little one yet to be born. Ah, such sweetness...

We've taken walks...

Marveled at the beauty of the still naked trees...

And had our first picnic outside.

But did I get any reading done? no... ah, perhaps in the week to come!

Knit on my dear friends!


Reneelynn said...

Love the new banner. Sleep when you can and don't worry so much about everything else. :)

Christina Wall said...

Thanks Reneelynn! I'll try!

mimma said...

Hi Cristina!Your little boy is wonderful! Compliments for your new blog too.
Now, may I ask a courtesy? I do like your little pixy purse but,believe me, it is impossible to buy it on the site mentioned on Raverly. The question is: could I buy the pattern (download) directly from you?
Thank you for your attention.
This is my email:
I'm Suntiky on Raverly.
Have a nice time and a beautiful spring.