Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yarn Along

Hello Friends!

We had one blast of winter yesterday. I couldn't believe it as I watched the snow fall so quickly . But by the afternoon the sun had melted the delicate covering we had received and things were looking brown again.

This late spring is really getting to us a bit. I keep putting bright cheery things about the house. I bought myself a new mug - very appropriate don't you think? And, I've been knitting with yellow. There is something about wearing yellow and knitting with yellow at this time of year that brightens my spirit. So... on with the yellow.

Arthur turned 6 months this week. Phew time goes so fast!

I'm still reading "Wild Things: the art of nurturing boys." It is wonderful, wonderful wonderful. Boys such amazing little things.

I did another crazy little "podcast" and updated you all on my spinning life. Watch only if you need a good laugh - don't worry I don't mind if you laugh at me.

Well, I had better run and get this posted!


Heather L. said...

Wow LOVE the new header on your blog!!!!

elflyn said...

Pretty header!
Yellow is always cheery, I hope Spring arrives soon.