Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just popping by....

Just popping by to say "hello". In these busy days with my little ones it is really hard to take time for this wee space. I know that seems to be a reoccurring theme here. I'm so sorry.

We had a busy but lovely weekend with family and friends celebrating my birthday and Easter. I was born on Easter Sunday so it was fun to have Easter and my birthday collide again this year (my b'day was Sat). I always loved hearing my mom tell me how I was born and how the doctor asked her what her favorite jelly bean was (black licorice) and how he came back with a whole bag of black licorice jelly beans for her. There is something about hearing the story of the day you entered this earth...

My husband and I did get to go out for a few hours together. We decided we didn't have the money for breakfast out so we went and sipped pots of tea at a tea shop and the bill came to a whopping $4.95! =) I think we'll have to go there again!

The days are beginning to warm. Things are beginning to bloom and we are beginning to get outside daily. Getting outside really does help so much when you have boys, doesn't it! They just need space to run and jump and play. I'm praying for a swing set for our back yard - with two boys I am realizing we're going to need one!

I had better run...
happy knitting dear friends!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Podcast Episode 3: Dying Roving with Kids

Hi Knitters!
As promised here is an update of what we've been doing around here - other than being sick! =)
So grab a cup of tea and your knitting have a little sit down while you watch.
You can also watch the podcast in YouTube
Here are the show notes:

How to dye roving/yarn in the microwave with little kids
Materials needed:
Glass pyrex dishes that fit into the microwave
white vinegar
Wilton Cake dyes or other food dyes
Undyed roving or undyed yarn (can be purchased at KnitPicks)
Popsicle sticks or wooden kebab skewers
Dawn dish detergent
Plastic wrap

1) soak the roving/yarn in water with a pinch of Dawn dish detergent. This opened up the hair follicles in the yarn or roving and preps them to receive the dye.

2) Place roving/yarn into glass pryex dish. 2 cups of water with 2 T of vinegar over the roving/yarn so that the fiber is sitting in water but not completely covered. You may have to put more or less water in your dish depending on how much fiber/yarn you have in the dish.

3) Open your dyes and using your popsicle sticks or kebab skewers dip them into the dye and then "pain" the roving. Remember a little goes a long way. The dye will seem to only stay at the top of the fiber. But when it is heated it will move throughout the dish and saturate the entire fiber.

4) Cover dish loosely with plastic wrap and place in the microwave on high for 2 minutes. Continue heating at 2 minute increments until the water in the dish is clear and all the dye has been soaked up into the fiber - 8 to 10 minutes depending on the colors and how much dye was used.

5) take out and allow to cool completely. This is worst part of dying. You want to start pulling it out and see what it looks like. RESIST! Allowing it to cool completely will result in a richer dye as well as prevent felting!

6) when it is cold remove from the dish and rinse in cool water. Hang to dry (or place over a vent to dry).

Sweet Tomato Heel by Cat Borhdi

Mini Bunny Love by Susan B Anderson

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How to make rolags with a dowel

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I hope you all enjoy!
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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hello dear friends!

How are you? The weather here today (and the past few days) is wonderful! Warm, sunny and very spring like. Things are beginning to pop out in bloom and I don't know about you, but that is like a balm of hope to my soul.

Things have been rocky here this week (well, for the past few weeks). I went to our pediatrician 4 times in 7 days. Ugh! What a haul! I know some people do it with more children but for some reason my two can feel like 8 at times. Sick children are always heart breaking and exhausting. My heart goes out to mothers who are caring for chronically ill children. I am blessed that mine, at the moment, are not chronically ill... just suffering from common colds and painful potty problems (which I won't go into on the blog) =)

But, my dears, that means I just haven't been able to post. Sigh.

You can find me over on Instagram under christinawallknits. I've recently fallen in love with instagram and usually post every day. It's like insta-blogging! Love it!

The children and I have been busy creating and enjoying spring - and because of that I have a bunch of fun things to show you. So... hopefully I'll get a chance in the coming week to record another little catch-up video cast!

Meanwhile - happy weekend!