Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hello dear friends!

How are you? The weather here today (and the past few days) is wonderful! Warm, sunny and very spring like. Things are beginning to pop out in bloom and I don't know about you, but that is like a balm of hope to my soul.

Things have been rocky here this week (well, for the past few weeks). I went to our pediatrician 4 times in 7 days. Ugh! What a haul! I know some people do it with more children but for some reason my two can feel like 8 at times. Sick children are always heart breaking and exhausting. My heart goes out to mothers who are caring for chronically ill children. I am blessed that mine, at the moment, are not chronically ill... just suffering from common colds and painful potty problems (which I won't go into on the blog) =)

But, my dears, that means I just haven't been able to post. Sigh.

You can find me over on Instagram under christinawallknits. I've recently fallen in love with instagram and usually post every day. It's like insta-blogging! Love it!

The children and I have been busy creating and enjoying spring - and because of that I have a bunch of fun things to show you. So... hopefully I'll get a chance in the coming week to record another little catch-up video cast!

Meanwhile - happy weekend!


Donna said...

Sick kiddos make me sad. As a mom I felt so helpless when my daughter was sick. I am loving the warmer weather! Very pretty handspun you have. I just added you on IG. You can find me at Knit1Spin2. It's so much fun!

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear that the kiddos have been sick, but it looks like there has been lots of fun around all that. Arthur with a mohawk is so cute! I think Emma is a little young for Easter egg dying, but she was very happy playing outside all weekend in the 70 deg weather. It's 30 today with wet snow - crazy spring! Your handspun is beautiful and very harmonious colors. I haven't checked out Instagram yet.