Friday, May 30, 2014

Boy Friday

Our cowboy camp this week

Well, Friends, it happened to me this week. Those dreaded words that most moms of boys don't want to hear..."Mama, I want a motorcycle." Why, why, why are boys attracted to fast things that can kill them?

It happened on Monday. We were getting back into our car after getting ice cream in the artsy little discrict in our town and John looked over and saw a big, black, brand new, gleaming, BMW motorcycle. I could almost see it in his eyes - the look of "Wow! What a machine!" He turned to me and said, "Mama, when our car gets old and we need a new one, can we get a motorcycle?"

I felt like freezing and saying harshly, "No! Don't you know those things will kill you?" B...U...T... I knew that would only drive him to it even faster.

Instead I said, "Well, a motorcycle can only fit two people. What would Arthur and Daddy do?"

"We could get two motorcycles." He said without blinking. You gotta love this kid. He is smart.

"Yes, we could. But where would mama put all the groceries when I went food shopping." I responded. And I really thought I had him with this one.

"You could use Daddy's car." He said.

This kid! He thinks of everything! "Well, John, when you are 21 you can save up your money and get a motorcycle." I said with a sigh. After all... did I  have my motorcycle license and didn't I learn how to drive a motorcycle. I suppose he could too.

"How much do they cost?" He said. "Around $3,000 for a very used one." I said. "Can we start saving up our pennies after we save up enough for a coo-coo clock?" John asked. "No. when you are old enough you can start mowing lawns and saving that money."

And he was satisfied. He had made a plan for getting his very own motorcycle.

Of course I haven't yet informed him that he would also have to take the ABATE safety course I had taken and he would also have to promise me to always, always, always wear a helmet and the right gear. But for the moment he was happy in just the thought of a motorcycle.

For now, I can rest and not worry. Sometimes it is absolutely wonderful to have a 4 year old boy who really can't get into very dangerous things!


Karen Reyburn said...

Really, really well done Christina. I am sure it must be so hard not to say "no, no, no" to boys all the time (I have five nephews so I know a little the feeling). Good job on letting him be a boy, and enjoying his life and dreams as a boy.

Leah Colleen Worley said...

I feel your pain, Christina. I have a little boy who is also asking about a motorcycle. I knew the day was coming, too; his daddy was an avid motorcyclist from a very young age through his early 20s. I've heard some hair-raising stories about his motorcycle days! But actually, I'd rather him have a motorcycle than a 4-wheeler; those things are dangerous! For now, he has had a couple of opportunities to ride a small motorcycle with his cousins, but has turned it down each time - he's just not quite ready to actually ride one yet, which is FINE by me! I'm sure it won't last long. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! You drove a motorcycle??? What about that experience? Care to share that?

Stephanie said...

Wow, he is too smart. ;-) Emma just started asking "why", but her communication is still pretty limited, so the conversations don't go on for too long.