Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Knitter's Life: Episode 5

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(I'm wearing the Holly & Ivy Shawlette)

This summer is racing along at quite a clip! But we've been having fun. John and I are participating in A Homespun House's Summer Craft along by doing projects from this wonderful book Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids

As part of that craft along I have finished one skein of hand spun sock yarn and am working on another skein of handspun sock yarn. I used this tutorial to make my rolags. (Forgot to show my current hand spun sock yarn I'm working on - next time!) =)

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A Homespun House
Bakery Bears
In A Sknit
Must Stash Yarn
Juniper Grace
Suburban Stitcher

Out of the Bag
Bakery Bears Podcast and the Bakery Bears Pattern

Color Affection Shawl (knit out of my hand spun)

Autumn Lace Cardigan (pattern to be released fall of 2014)

Crochet Bead necklace - I used this tutorial for the beads and this one for the flower

In the Bag
Vintage Tea Towel project bag by The Felted Flower Shop on etsy

handspun socks - yarn by me

hand dyed socks using yarn I dyed with a friend using kool aid. You can find a tutorial here

Invite a friend or many friends to A Knitter's Life Ravelry Group and invite them to join the podcast on YouTube. Let me know who you have invited (i.e. just post their Rav name in the thread) and you will be entered to win a canvas project bag and a beautiful skein of Jitterbug - colorway Summer Berries!

For each friend you have invited to join our group your name will be entered into the giveaway - invite 10 friends and your name will go in 10 times! Woohoo!

This giveaway ends Thursday July 31, 2014

Thanks for joining me! I don't have any technical skills so if you actually watched my crazy podcast you are absolutely amazing! =)

Until next time!
Happy Knitting!


toastyyak said...

Um - is it just me, or is there no volume? :)

Christina Wall said...

Hey! Thanks for the heads up! Some how the audio got switched! Yikes! How that happened I have no idea because it wasn't like that for the past few weeks! It now is fixed! (Hopefully) =)