Friday, June 13, 2014

Boy Friday

Ah, summer! Long, sunny, blissful days that are so ripe for the picking! Now that John has had his first year of school summer has taken on new meaning for me. Now it is a time, precious time, when I get to be with him every day and create memories that hopefully will last a life time.

During my childhood I remember summer as a fun time to create. And so I've wanted to create the same atmosphere for John. Since the school year is marked by schedules and deadlines I'm trying to create summers as the exact opposite. Free time, creating time, no deadlines or places we have to be. There are exceptions to that rule. We have chosen two things to schedule this summer - swimming lessons and VBS. But other than that we are free to create.

And so... I tracked down a great book for this summer - Martha Stuart's favorite crafts for Kids. Oooo... just looking through it made me excited. Then I gave it to John to pour over and he took a long time looking through it.

Of course the first thing that HAD to be made was the service station for cars. John is just a car man. Unfortunately we didn't have all the equipment to start that morning. But we spent a good chunk of the morning hunting down all the stuff we had on hand and putting it together in a box. Then we made a list of the things we had to purchase. And at last, this morning, we set about making it.

It was great fun! He enjoyed it the whole time and then couldn't wait to play with it. We both had the satisfaction of creating something we were really excited about.... and now, he's off playing and I can catch a few moments with some fiber I've been spinning! =)

The fiber I spun were the odds and ends I picked up at the TNNA. I briefly talked about them in A Knitter's Life Podcast Episode 4. I plied the single with some Miss Babs fiber in the Beachglass colorway - someone had gifted it to me a long time ago. The singles were spun quite thin - so the result of the 2 ply is a sock weight/fingering weight or 17 wpi and 402 yards. It's lovely and I can't wait to knit a pair of socks with it!


Nicole said...

That is one great looking car garage! I'll have to check out that book. Haven't seen it before! ~Nicole(ScarvesEtc on Rav)

One Acre Follies said...

That is the greatest book! Kate and I love it. Great job building memories and garages!!

Stephanie said...

The service station looks like a great project that tons of different kids would like. The handspun is beautiful! Glad you are getting some crafting time too!