Monday, July 27, 2015

Louet Spinning Packs - Part 2

Hello Lovely Friends!

Ok, do you have your lovely fiber packs from Louet that I talked about in Part 1? Aren't they wonderful?

I've been making rolags and spinning up a storm - all while dreaming about the projects I want to make with this lovely box of fiber.

One choice I have is to make a bunch of single skein projects by spinning up each individual fiber by itself and making various projects with those skeins.

The chocolate Coopworth would make some lovely Antler Hats by TinCanKnits

The Grey Gotland could be spun up to make my Bramblewood Vest pattern

Spin the 1/2 lb wool and linen into lace weight singles and you could make the beautiful Snowdrop Shawl

What about that lovely amazing cashmere? What about Susie Roger's Reading Mitts - they would be so warm and cozy.

And that 1/2 lb of flax? Why not try a flax hand towel for your bath or kitchen! It would be lovely!

And the lovely dyed Merino top? What about the lovely Kalimna Shawl - wouldn't that be lovely?

Now, after seeing all these lovely options you might be curious to know what I am going to do with my box of fibery goodness! Well, I'm making rolags to blend the fiber and create some beautiful tweedy yarn. I'm making two different kinds of rolags and will be knitting two separate projects. 

The first project will be the Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood
I've always wanted to make one of these lovely blankets and have often thought handspun would be a beautiful choice to use. 
I'm combining the flax, wool & flax blend, Coopworth and Gotland to make these scrumptious rolags that are so much fun to spin.
I am spinning a 2 ply worsted weight yarn from these rolags.

The second project will be the Starshower Cowl by Hillary Smith Callis
I'm combing the merino top, cashmere and optima to create a soft silky rolags which I'm spinning into 2 ply fingering weight yarn. Oh, yes, how lovely. 

So now are you curious on how I make my rolags to combine and blend the fiber? Head on over to A Knitter's Life YouTube Channel and watch my video tutorial on how to make rolags! It's simple, easy and so much fun! 

happy knitting!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Louet Spinning Packs - Part 1

Hello lovely friends!

Most of you know July is the month for spinners of all kinds to dust of their wheels, get out their spindles and start spinning up a storm of fiber because it's Tour de Fleece time!

Even though I don't officially participate in the Tour de Fleece by joining an official team (one of these years I will) I love to spin along and use the whole month of July to really focus on my spinning.

It's a wonderful time of year to learn a new spinning technique or try new-to-you fibers. It's also a wonderful opportunity to spin up some yarns to stash away for winter hats and mittens or spin up some yarns that can be given as Christmas gifts to other knitterly friends.

I recently was introduced to Louet of North America's Monthly Fiber Packs. Oh, my, they are an amazing pack of fibery goodness!

July's fiber pack includes:
1lb of grey Gotland top
1/2 lb of Optim top
1/2 lb of dark Coopworth
1/2 lb of super fine Flax top
1/2 lb Wool/Flax top
1/2 lb dyed Merino top
2 oz brown Cashmere top

That's 3 lbs and 10oz of fiber! That, my friends, is enough to make approximately 16.5 skeins of yarn at 100 grams each! A large sweater... a nice throw blanket on the back of the couch... are you beginning to see the possibilities?

Now, wait until you hear the price! The fiber packs are offered to you at a little more than 50% off retail value! What?!! Is your head swimming? Normally all of that fiber would cost you $196.50. But Louet is charging only $75! Goodness they know how to make us happy, don't they?

Now, because it can sometimes be hard to get yourself from a box of lovely fiber to project ready yarn, I'm going to be putting together a little video tutorial on how to get yourself from point A (the box of amazing fiber) to point B (project ready yarn).

So go on over to Louet and get yourself July's fiber pack and let's get started. Next up will be a tutorial on how I make rolags that mixes the fiber beautifully with no other tool that a wooden knitting needle (or a dowel).

talk to you soon!