Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Belfast Linen Yarn

I love crochet doilies. I love the layer of creativity they add to almost anything. But I don't like crocheting with teeny, tiny cotton yarn. For some reason, perhaps it my season of life, I just can't bring myself to work that slowly.

So when the lovely folks at Stitchcraft Marketing asked if I wanted to play around with a skein of a new line of linen blend yarn from Kraemer Yarns, I said, "Yes" and I new exactly what to do with it.

Belfast Linen by Kraemer Yarns is a DK weight blend of cotton, linen, viscose, acrylic and silk. It has the weight and look of linen without that crunchy feeling! Oooo, I was so delighted that someone had finally figured out the perfect blend of fibers to take away that crunch that 100% linen has.

The specs:
42% Cotton
22% Linen
20% Viscose
11% Acrylic
5% Silk

3.5 oz. / 100 grams
approximately 220 yards

US Needle #5
5.5 Stitches = 1"
22 Stitches = 4

$14.50 per 100gr skein

 I made 2 doilies with the 100 gram skein and I LOVE them. I've used them on my table, under my flower arrangements and on my tea tray. And because they were DK weight they worked up quickly! It was a fun and fast project.

You can purchase Belfast Linen here

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