Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Cleo Bag by DellaQ

Ok, friends, let's face it. We are all into the "cozy memory blanket" or the scrapgahn" right now, correct? It's the rage, the trend, the "thing" and if you do not have one in progress, most likely the fever will reach you at some point or another.

BUT, although most of us start one of these addictive blankets, not all of us finish them. Am I right?

Yah, you know I'm right. In fact, I bet a few of you have one languishing in your stash, buried in some corner because.... sooner or later all those little balls of yarn begin to OVERWHELM you! They get out of hand and start taking over.

Sure, they start as sweet little mini skeins that you receive from a loving friend or buy at a fiber fair because they are "sooooo cute". But once they are rolled into little bitty balls they become little monsters bouncing out of your basket or falling off your lap. Soon they are totally out of control and the only thing you can do to keep them from eating you alive is shove the whole project into a closet and shut the door.

I've realized the absolute key to finishing a scrapgahn or cozy memory blanket is having the right project bag for the task. Yep, a bag that can organize those little cute adorable skeins and keep them under control.

DellaQ has just the right bag for the job. It's called the "Cleo Yarn Caddy" but honestly I think we should rename it as the Cozy Memory Blanket Caddy.

The Cleo Yarn Caddy is a circular bag with a deep and room interior. On the outside there are 4 roomy pockets for organizing.

At this point I've been keeping unwound mini skeins in the front pockets, joining yarn in the back pockets and all the working balls of mini skeins in the bottom of the bag. The scrapgahn rolls nicely and fits in the roomy interior and the bag has nice long handles that fit over my shoulder. So fabulous!

All of DellaQ's bags are hand sewn by women in Vietnam and a percentage of the profits each year are reinvested in the Vietnamese community through Mekong Quilts, an organization that trains low income and rural Vietnamese women in the art of quilting thus giving them a trade whereby they can make a living for their family.

You can find the Cleo Yarn Caddy here

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