Monday, July 18, 2016

Love + Leche

Hello lovely friends!

As promised, I'm back to tell you a bit about this new lotion that I have fallen in love with.
First, I LOVE the story behind this wonderful product. Love + Leche, originally Milk & Honey, was started by a mom (Daven Lee) and her son and daughter who decided to get some goats and then decided to milk those goats. When Daven realized they had more milk than they could use she had to figure out some sort of product to make with that milk. So she paired another product she had an abundance of on her farm - honey and beeswax - with the milk and made a lovely, wholesome lotion.

Second, I LOVE the fact that all the lotions and soaps are all hand poured by her son Simon and packaged by her daughter, Roan. It's truly a family business! I love family businesses!

You can see the farm and hear a bit more of the story here.

The third thing I LOVE is: when you open the Lotion Bar tin the fresh scent of the outdoors hits you - the scent of honey, wildflowers, lavender and the soothing undertone of mint. The bars are so golden from the beeswax and so rich from the butter milk of the goats. And for this outdoors-loving-soul (who also struggles with dry skin and dry hands) it's a bit of heaven in a tin.

Each of the 5 ingredients in the lotion bar are wholesome and healing - you can read about each one of them and where they are sourced here.

I've been using the lotion bar on my shoulders since they were sunburned (read my last post) and I'm pleased to report the sunburn has disappeared and there is no sign of peeling! Phew! AND my hands are so soft and lovely!

The lovely folks at Love + Leche have given all of you a lovely little coupon to use in their shop!

Coupon Code: christinawall
Coupon: free anywhere balm with purchase of a Lotion Bar (or any other $14 purchase)
Expires: September 30
Shop: here

If you have used and loved a Love + Leche lotion bar, head on over to the Ravelry group and tell us about it! I love to hear what your favorite scent is!

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