Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Days

Hello my lovely friends!

Oh, this blissful season of summer is slipping away so fast - it's already mid-July! For some reason I remember summers as long, slow and filled with plenty of time for creating. But as a parent I'm finding them fast and furious with only a few moments to spare for crafting and creating.

I'm beginning to think that is just because I'm a parent and see things differently - the mountain of things to accomplish to run a household smoothly. I realized this week that my kids thinks summer is long and slow and filled with plenty of time. So I breathed a sigh of relief and have determined to try to see summer through their eyes a little more - not my adult eyes.

This past week I took my boys down to our city's reservoir. It's a beautiful quiet place with lovely shady hiking trails and a small body of water. Usually during this hot time of the year we try to stick to the shady paths, but this time we headed down to the water to float our boats. We were looking for adventure and excitement and things to draw in our summer nature journals.

It was the perfect slow summer morning. We made harbors for our boats, decorated our sail boat with a feather, played with the rocks and sand, looked for little fish between our feet, drew in our books and snacked when we were hungry.

Then when it was too hot and our tummies were hungry for lunch we gathered our things and started the hike back. It was then that I noticed I was sun burned. Yep, I had remembered to put sunscreen on the kids but not myself. Sigh.

Back at home, after tummies had been fed and tired heads had been put for a rest time I sat down and remembered I had some lovely new lotions to try that just might help salve my sun burn.

The lovely folks at Love + Leche sent over their Lavender Mint Lotion Bar and their Citrus Rose anywhere balm. I've been soothing my scorched lips with the anywhere balm and rubbing the lotion bar on my shoulders! It's worked like magic! On Monday I'll be back to tell you a little more about Love + Leche but right now you can enjoy this lovely coupon code they sent you:

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