Saturday, August 20, 2016

City Streets Shawlette

Hello dear friends!

Can you believe it? We are already well into the beautiful month of August and September is knocking at the door! That means school is in session and knitting season is just about to get into full swing. That also means that new and exciting fall patterns are being released!

Hooray for fall patterns!

Around the beginning of the year the lovely editor of Knotions, Jody, asked me to design something for the fall issue. What a joy it was to sit back and think about all the ideas I had swirling around in my mind. I knew I wanted to do something with mini skeins because I was beginning to fall under their spell. And I knew I wanted to do something that illustrated my community I am surrounded by because I have spent a lot of this year contemplating community and how important it is to surround yourself with a healthy community.

Out of those ideas came the City Streets Shawlette. Here's what I wrote at the beginning of the pattern:

On an early Autumn Saturday morning you will often find me behind the counter at my sister and brother-in-law's downtown grocery store. The store is stocked with local cheese, meats, fruits, and veggies. Baskets of early apples line the front display, bouquets of local flowers my sister has lovingly arranged and wrapped in brown paper sit in galvanized buckets by the front door. The smell of bacon wafts through the air.  All seems right with the world. This little grocery store has become the Saturday morning haunt of many in our lovely little city. They grab one of my brother-in-law’s yummy breakfast sandwiches, sip a pour-over coffee, and chat on the outdoor picnic benches. These lovely people who sit at the handmade picnic benches are as varied and colorful as one can get. We each have a unique story to tell and we each have something good to give one another.

As silly as this may sound, I wanted to capture that essence of community in a shawl - that uniqueness of each individual yet when put all together we make a beautiful whole. The garter stitch throughout this piece represents that we are all the same - we really are. But we have our own story and our own uniqueness - represented by the different mini skeins - and when we participate as a community we add beauty and joy to the others we are around.

So go ahead - knit away, tell your story and the story of your community through this shawl. Choose mini skeins that represent you and your community. Remember to love, enjoy, and care for the people in your path.

You can find the pattern and the lovely new issue of Knotions here

You can find the Ravelry page for the pattern here

You can find the LOVELY kit by SpunRightRound here

The yarn for this shawl design came from SpunRightRound - I cannot say enough good things about this yarn. It is a dream to work with and Renee is a master of color! Oh, how lovely it is!

I was inspired by all the beautiful grafetti art walls that surround Wildwood Market in the Fountain Square district of Indianapolis. Some of them are really quite breath taking. I knew I needed to find some speckled mini skeins that really reflected these walls. When SpunRightRound's speckled minis took my breath away I knew I had found the match. The minis also represent the true variety of people of all races and colors and ideas and persuasions that make up my community.

The dark gray for the main color is taken by the gray of the roads and the alleyways - it provides the perfect backdrop to make those minis sing!

As always, happy knitting dear friends!
I can't wait to see your versions of City Street Shawlette!

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Jody said...

I love what you wrote in your intro - it makes the shawl even that much more enticing. And your pics are AWESOME.