Tuesday, October 18, 2016

KPC Yarn - A little review of a lovely yarn

Helloooooo Friends!

I do hope you are having a wonderful fall! It's high knitting season, isn't it! I wanted to let you know about a lovely new-to-me yarn company that I was recently made aware of and I really wanted to share them with you. It's always really helpful to find some good yarn that you can really count on.

KPC is a yarn company out of Hong Kong - don't worry, shipping isn't exorbitant and it is quick!
Orginally begun 70 years ago as a family run tailor shop in Shanghai, this company grew until it was large enough to start developing their own quality textile yarns for the fabrics they used. Now they have just started offering the lovely Merino yarn that they raise on their own Merino ranch in New South Wales, Australia to us hand knitters!

And oh, my, I am so glad they have! The yarn is super soft high quality Merino. The yarn is is made up of several small plys so it is so round and buttery as it runs through one's fingers. The stitch definition is AMAZING! Cables would look so stunning in this yarn.

This yarn is next to the skin, cuddly soft - which is so good to hear, isn't it. It is yarn I would most definitely choose for my boys as I know they could wear it next to their skin with no complaints.

A few little tips when heading over to their web page -
Go up to the top right hand of their page and change the currency to USD or your countries currency. I was laughing when I first landed on the page for it was in Hong Kong dollars and I couldn't figure out how to change it!

Another tip is to have a project in mind because they have SOOOOO many colors to choose from - 60! Yes! That's unbelievable isn't it!

And they also have some really neat blends to choose from too - 100% superfine Merino, Cashmere, Merino Cotton blend and Cotton.

I am going to make either a scrappy happy hat out of my sample box or a fun scrappy happy tea cozy - I haven't decided yet! =) But I'll be sure to report back.

Mean while let me know what you think!
Happy Knitting!

You can see these lovely yarns on a little video review I did here

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